Is it right for you?

There are many reasons why people seek counselling or psychotherapy. Feelings of isolation, difficulty relating to others, a desire to engage with life more fully, mental health issues, and a desire to change unhealthy patterns of behaviour are amongst the reasons people look to therapy.  Making sense of your world and of how experiences have contributed to your difficulties can be an empowering and healing experience.

No two clients have the same life experience. Hence, no one will have identical goals and aspirations for their therapy.  However, you may be reassured to know that we have worked with clients with similar feelings, experiences and challenges.

✦ anxiety

✦ addiction/ substance abuse

✦ anger management

✦ bereavement/ loss

✦ cultural issues

✦ compulsive behaviour

✦ depression

✦ eating disorders

✦ emotional or physical abuse

✦ existential migration

✦ fertility/ infertility

✦ identity questions

✦ coping with illness or disability

✦ mental health

✦ managing OCD or BPD

✦ relationship/couple counselling

✦ search for meaning

✦ self esteem

✦ self harm

✦ sexual abuse

✦ sexuality

✦ stress management

✦ transcultural issues