What is Psychotherapy?

Both psychotherapy and counselling describe the coming together of two or more people with a shared purpose of exploring life experience.  This exploration is intended to facilitate self awareness, and, in turn make clients more aware of choices they make.  This can be the key to change or new understanding. There is no secret; essentially you get out what you put in.  Navigating life is challenging and most of us feel a need to ‘make sense of things’ – even the most difficult experiences.  Therapy is one way to do this.

The relationship between psychotherapist and client is unique. Clients bring their objectives, habits, personality and history to the relationship. Equally, the therapist brings her own experience but also her training which frames the encounter.  This enables work to begin.

Your choice of psychotherapist may be influenced by practicalities such as location or availability.  You may be looking for a therapist with a certain training or approach. The key ingredients to a successful therapeutic relationship are difficult to distill.  The ‘right’ psychotherapist for you is the person with whom you are able to develop a meaningful connection over time.

A client decides how he or she would like to work and, together with the therapist, agrees a schedule of appointments.  Our therapists work both short term (6-12 weeks) and long term (12+ weeks). For further practical information see ‘what next.’

When words are both true and kind they can change our world – Buddha