We are an experienced and capable group of psychotherapists sharing a professional outlook. We are committed to providing counselling and therapy that respects your privacy and autonomy, while promoting your well-being. We work at a number of convenient locations in central London and north London.


We provide counselling and psychotherapy to clients who seek therapy for a wide array of reasons: depression, stress, relationship difficulties, addiction. You may want to better understand yourself.

Therapy may enable you to see or access alternatives to the ways you have understood or experienced the world.

Whilst we draw on different theories, our common approach is ‘client centred’.

This means we believe that each client has within resources and knowledge we can look at together in order to best meet your needs and goals

Seeing a trained psychotherapist can give you a chance to talk about your experiences in a safesupportive, and constructive  environment.

The right personal ‘fit’ is crucial to a successful therapeutic relationship and, in turn, to facilitating increased self awareness and personal growth. This may enable you to make changes or reach your goals.

Our initial meeting is first and foremost an opportunity to meet and decide if there is a good match between you and the therapist.

Contact us for further information or to arrange a time to to meet and explore the fit or the possibility of working one of our therapists.